The Forest Speaks

We’re delighted to have been sent this video of lovely rehearsal of a poem written by Dr Sue. It will be performed in Under the Kayon Tree on September 9 & 10th at Temple of Fine Arts, Brickfields.

The Forest Speaks

Shh….the forest is talking
Listen and hold your breath
The trees are sharing their ancient wisdom
Hundreds of years old

Shhh….the leaves are rustling
And know the insects pause
In their busy lives, as they tell what has gone before

Before killing machines and lethal cutters, blades that encroach and destroy
the ancient lives
Lives of ancient wisdom
To be heard no more

Sue Jennings


Bring back the Teletubbies?!


The latest research from John Hopkins University shows that learning through the arts actually enhances the learning process! Arts therapists have been saying that for years! When will government and educators see the value of the arts being central to the education and social systems?

Why do so many young adults remember the Teletubbies with fondness? Their sounds remind us of our earliest experiences of Echo-Play and interaction with our attachment person. And the chuckles of the beautiful baby in the sun enhances positive child memories. Bring back the Teletubbies, I say!

Very Sad News


It is with deep sadness that I have just learned of the death of Dr John Christey-Casson.  John was a close friend and colleague.  He was a Dramatherapist and also inventor of ‘The Communicube’.  This is on permanent exhibition at the Science Museum.  John had much experience in theatre, puppetry and masks, and the book of his PhD opened up new avenues about the relationship between Dramatherapy and Psychodrama.  He will be deeply missed.