Bring back the Teletubbies?!


The latest research from John Hopkins University shows that learning through the arts actually enhances the learning process! Arts therapists have been saying that for years! When will government and educators see the value of the arts being central to the education and social systems?

Why do so many young adults remember the Teletubbies with fondness? Their sounds remind us of our earliest experiences of Echo-Play and interaction with our attachment person. And the chuckles of the beautiful baby in the sun enhances positive child memories. Bring back the Teletubbies, I say!

Very Sad News


It is with deep sadness that I have just learned of the death of Dr John Christey-Casson.  John was a close friend and colleague.  He was a Dramatherapist and also inventor of ‘The Communicube’.  This is on permanent exhibition at the Science Museum.  John had much experience in theatre, puppetry and masks, and the book of his PhD opened up new avenues about the relationship between Dramatherapy and Psychodrama.  He will be deeply missed.

Moose and Mouse

Moose & Mouse.png

January is proving a very exciting month for the NDP Tribe! The first book for young children is published this week! With delightful illustrations by Charlie Meyer, Moose and Mouse tells the story of friendship and attachment between two very different creatures. A trial run with children under six proved very successful, ‘Read it again Mummy’.

The book is available through our website (£7.50 plus postage) - HERE.

Mess and Monsters!

Mess Monsters 2.jpg

It’s all about M and M!

Mess and Monster workshops have proved a huge success in UK, Ireland, Turkey, Romania, Singapore, India and Malaysia during 2018! Attachment-based Play that explores the importance of mess as well as confronting scary and monstrous images, go right to the core of children’s early experience and assist with establishing relationships and resilience.

We’re running M and M workshops in Manchester, London and Stratford-upon-Avon during 2019 - SEE HERE FOR DETAILS.

Creating and Construction


Messy Play is not necessarily the answer for all children who may have experienced trauma, neglect or developmental delay. There maybe enough mess already!

Creating order can be a pressing need for some children who may feel their world has fallen apart. Model making or construction with Lego, for example, give the opportunity to build or re-build houses, shelters or safe spaces. In my work with homeless teenagers in Romania, they always painted a small house in the corner of their art-work.

Åse Minde - Major Award for Pioneering Norwegian Art Therapist

Ase Pic.jpg
Marit Bjartveit og Åse Minde (1).jpg

On November 29th 2017 H.M. King Harald of Norway awarded Åse Minde, leader of the Outpatient Clinic for Eating Disorder at Oslo University Hospital and art psychotherapist, with both the King's Honorary Merit Gold Medal and a Diploma for her pioneering work in Art Therapy and for her work with people with eating disorders.

Åse has worked at Gaustad, Oslo University Hospital since 1979, and has built up the Outpatient Clinic for Eating Disorders since 2001. She has been leader for the past 17 years.

Åse and Dr Sue have been friends and colleagues for over 30 years and co-authored Art Therapy and Dramatherapy: Masks of the Soul (JKP).

The award acknowledges Åse Minde's unique approach to the treatment of eating disorders where the art is at the centre of the therapy. The hospital describe her work as 'a treatment culture in a living treatment environment' that is outstanding in Norwegian psychiatry. A treatment culture characterised by art therapy, based on psychodynamic principles, humanity and respect for the creative and resilient individual.

Åse has had an impressive and enduring career; she is truly a pioneer in the discipline, innovative thinker and visionary. She has a great creative strength, generosity and an enormous capacity. Åse is professionally very skilled, deeply respected and appreciated in her team and at the Hospital. Her books and research papers have been translated in to many languages.