Suggested Moose and Mouse Activities

1. Use your arms to show how big Moose is (stretch as wide as possible).

2. Use your hands to show how tiny Mouse is (use your fingers like little paws).

3. Walk round the room with great big footsteps, slowly and noisily.

4. Run round the room with tiny, tiny, steps.

5. Make a big loud voice, as loud as you can; is this Moose’s voice?

6. Make a tiny little squeaky noise, as quiet as you can; is this Mouse’s voice?

You will need some blank paper and crayons or coloured pens; you could have a drawing book with blank pages for your Moose and Mouse pictures.

1. Draw a rainbow and colour it in. Share when you last saw a rainbow. There is a rainbow in ‘Moose and Mouse’s Big Adventure’.

2. Moose and Mouse are best friends; draw and colour a picture of you and your best friend, or two of your toys that are best friends.

3. Mouse loves eating red berries and nuts. Draw a tree with leaves and lots of red berries for Mouse to eat.

4. Moose likes eating leaves, grass, bark and pine cones. Draw a pine-tree and pine-cones, maybe some on the ground for Moose to eat.

Moose and Mouse Drawing.jpg