Meet Mouse and Mouse!

Mouse and Mouse are the delightful characters in an on-going series of books. Written for children aged between 2 and 4 years, the stories are about attachment, empathy and resilience. They encourage friendship and curiosity and an understanding of difference. They aim to encourage these values early in life.

The stories complement the developmental stages of Neuro-Dramatic-Play and include play activities of early childhood. The stories aim to be interactive between reader and child or teacher and class, and there are playful activities to accompany the stories. The Moose and Mouse stories can be used as the basis for sound and movement activities, and also to create a drama. The story can also be told through puppets.

There is also a Moose and Mouse picture to colour in each book and we love receiving children’s pictures. Parents or class teachers could scan them and send to: Some of the pictures will feature in future books so always include your address.

We don’t have competitions but we do have gifts from time to time such as badges and sticker books.

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