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Moose & Mouse
Sue Jennings (illustrated by Charlie Meyer)

£7.50 (plus £2.50 p&p)

Moose and Mouse is a story written for young children, including those on the autistic spectrum. It is a story about attachment, friendship, difference and curiosity. This story complements the developmental stages of Neuro-Dramatic-Play and includes many of the play activities of early childhood experience.

The book is beautifully illustrated throughout with beautiful original watercolour paintings by artist, Charlie Meyer.

This story aims to be interactive between the reader and child and there is a Moose and Mouse picture to colour at the end of the book.


Healthy Attachments and Neuro-Dramatic-Play
Sue Jennings


Breaking new ground in the areas of attachment and child development, Sue Jennings introduces the concept of 'Neuro-Dramatic-Play' exploring the sensory experiences that take place between mother and child during pregnancy and the first few months after birth. She explains how this interaction, that is essentially 'dramatic' in nature, is of crucial importance for the infant to develop a healthy brain, strong attachments and future resilience.

Based on sound experience and observation, this book consolidates current theories of neuroscience, attachment and therapeutic intervention and challenges commonly held psychoanalytic ideas of child development. By expanding on the often narrow view of what is understood by attachment, this book makes a strong case for early years inclusion of play and arts therapies. Neuro-Dramatic-Play is also discussed in relation to fostering and adoption, teenagers and young adults, and children with developmental or cognitive disabilities.

This accessible text will interest all therapists and practitioners who work with children and teenagers, including child psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers, paediatric and perinatal nurses, paediatricians, child psychiatrists and play and arts therapists, and post-graduate students.

272pp, A5 paperback


When the World Falls Apart: Working with the effects of trauma
Sue Jennings


Understand how adolescents experience loss and how to provide help and support.

Trauma can result not just from major disasters but also serious loss, sudden disruption and abuse of all kinds. Children and teenagers can experience the effects of trauma in many ways including wakefulness, vigilance, panic attacks and disillusion.

Contains practical techniques and ways of working with children and teenagers, including empowering methods to enable them to take charge of their own feelings. Provides a guide to theory and an outline of contrasting approaches to trauma work, with worksheets for both individual and group work.

Invaluable for teachers, counsellors and therapists as well as social services and health professionals, parents and carers.

192pp A4 paperback


The Anger Management Toolkit
Understanding & Transforming Anger in Children & Young People (Ages 5-16)

Sue Jennings


Creative activities to help understand & manage feelings of anger.

Young people often express themselves through anger, in sudden outbursts with little pause for thought and out of proportion to the trigger.

This innovative toolkit suggests alternative responses and ways of understanding the underlying causes, with ideas that can be adapted for individuals or groups. With age-appropriate methods the theme of the Wolf is used to help understand and respond to feelings. Wolves have many facets: they can be very angry but also very nurturing; loners as well as protective of others.

Resources include activities, worksheets, drawings, questionnaires, puppetry and role play with masks, and will help youngsters to explore, express, understand and transform their anger more appropriately.

2012; 200pp A4 paperback + FREE CD-ROM


Creative Activities for Developing Emotional Intelligence (Ages 5-16)
Sue Jennings


Arts & drama activities to help young people understand & express their emotions.

Many children and young people struggle with an inability to express and manage their emotions, resulting in frustration and isolation.

Some can only express extremes of emotion and lack the ability to self-regulate, while others seem overwhelmed by emotions they are unable to understand or process.

Full of creative activities and worksheets using art, journaling, drama, puppetry and storytelling to help young people to explore their emotions and learn new ways to manage and express them. Subjects covered include: Language of emotion; Self-esteem; Empathy; Anger; Fear & Anxiety.

The activities are flexible and require no previous experience, so are easy to implement with little preparation or equipment.

2013; 206pp A4 paperback + FREE CD-ROM


Creative Play for Children at Risk (2nd Edition)
Sue Jennings


This second edition is fully updated with the latest good practice in play. Based on an understanding of 'Neuro-Dramatic-Play', the book shows that play is an essential part of children's healthy development and many children 'at risk' are those who are unable to play. It includes work with children with learning difficulties as well as those with developmental delay.

The book includes current thinking on neuroscience and illustrates the importance of mindfulness in our work with children.

Topics include:

  • creating the safe space

  • understanding and working with fear

  • understanding and working with anger and rage

  • new stories and worksheets

  • cross cultural understanding of play

  • dressing-up and enactment

  • masks and puppets

The book is written for teachers, parents and therapists, and all those who seek to enhance the lives of children.

2017; 166pp paperback


Creative Storytelling for Children at Risk (2nd Edition)
Sue Jennings


This second edition is fully updated and addresses ways in which we can apply stories and storytelling with children who are troubled.

Stories can empower children to take action and ask for help, including help with changes and life-plans. Stories provide a secure structure with endings and closure. The book develops the following topics:

  • Stories for assessment

  • Stories for understanding emotions

  • Stories for exploring the senses

  • Stories for managing loss

  • Stories for ritual and drama

There are new and revised stories, in particular addressing trauma and abuse. This book is written for all those people with the welfare of children as their priority.


101 Activities for Empathy & Awareness (Ages 5-18)
Sue Jennings


Practical, creative and adaptable ideas that will help to foster self-awareness and empathy in children and young people, many of whom have difficulty understanding the feelings of others, resulting in their having little awareness of their own needs and the needs of people around them.

Includes ideas for changing attitudes and behaviours; Developing a sense of self & identity; Finding a voice to express needs; Possible choices &pathways for the future; Friendships & support, learning to trust others; Letting go of past hurts & moving on.

Includes clear guidelines on application and development, and a sound framework and explanation of creative and playful ways to apply these ideas.

2013'; 120pp A5 paperback + FREE CD-ROM


101 Ideas for Managing Challenging Behaviour (Ages 5-18)
Sue Jennings


101 practical and creative ideas and activities for managing challenging behaviour in young people.

101 practical activities and ideas to help those working with young people to address issues of challenging behaviour ranging from low-level disruption to more extreme aggression.

Background information includes definitions of challenging behaviour, emotional & behavioural difficulties; understanding challenging behaviour & strategies for coping.

The activities will help young people through addressing issues of self-esteem, empathy, managing emotions and social skills. These are grouped in themes: Restlessness & hyperactivity; Attention-seeking; Aggressive behaviour; Avoiding confrontation; Verbal & physical abuse; Disruptive groups; Inappropriate social behaviour.

2013; 120pp A5 paperback + FREE CD-ROM


101 Ideas for Increasing Focus & Motivation (Ages 5-18)
Sue Jennings


Many young people struggle with their levels of motivation and an inability to focus on tasks, whether complex or simple, both in school or at home. They lack the skills to concentrate and devise solutions to problems, which can also lead to a disproportionate reaction to failure.

These activities provide a practical means of exploring the issues behind lack of focus and motivation and will help to create more organised, self-aware young people who are better equipped to the challenges they encounter in daily life.

Includes: Increasing attention; Being organised; Increasing calm; Boosting performance; Procrastination; Dealing with failure; Problem solving; Fighting boredom; Increasing self-esteem.

2013; 120pp A5 paperback + FREE CD-ROM


101 Activities for Social & Emotional Resilience (Ages 5-18)
Sue Jennings


Social & emotional resilience are important for young people’s development and growing independence. It is vital that they possess the tools to deal with effectively with challenges encountered both at school and in social situations.

This book provides the opportunity to rehearse these skills through easy-to- implement ideas and activities suitable for young people of all ages.

Themes include: Coping with stress & anxiety; Building & maintaining friendships; Family relationships; School-based issues – teasing, bullying; Dealing with emotions; Self-control; Problem solving; Decision-making.

2013; 120pp A5 paperback + FREE CD-ROM


101 Ideas for Positive Thoughts & Feelings (Ages 5-18)
Sue Jennings


Many young people have low feelings of self-worth, and lack confidence in their skills and abilities. This can lead to anxiety and a fear of failure, and a ‘Why bother, I won’t be able to do it anyway’ approach to tasks and challenges they may encounter, and even deliberate sabotage of activities.

Using the ideas in this book, young people can be helped to increase their optimism and discover the a step by step approach to building competencies in different areas of their lives.

Includes: Self-belief; Expectations; Managing anxiety; Fear of failure; Building confidence; Valuing yourself; Developing optimism.

2013; 120pp A5 paperback + FREE CD-ROM

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