Welcome to our new Online Training Programme!

We are delighted that our NDP Training Programme in now available online. All modules include online teaching and resources, as well as one-to-one tutorials and assessed work. Please read through the following information and, if this course is for you, please complete the enrolment form towards the bottom of the page.

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The great thing about this course is that it's accessible, affordable and available now!

The course outline is set out below. The satisfactory completion of the course and its associated assessments will result in the reward of an Diploma in Neuro-Dramatic-Play.

You may start the course when you wish and proceed through it at your own pace.
There are no deadlines: you set the timetable.

We are currently running a special introductory offer: £150 per module, or £550 for all four modules when paid in advance.

Brief Course Outline

MODULE 1: foundation course

Includes the overall theory of Neuro-Dramatic-Play (NDP), messy play and stories.

MODULE 2: Attachment, Heartbeats and Rhythm (NDP 2):

Understanding heart-to-heart connections, rhythmic play and stories.

MODULE 3:    Embodiment-Projection-Role (EPR)

Developmental paradigm of play and drama that encourages confidence-building, empathy and interactive playfulness.

MODULEt 4: Theatre of Resilience (ToR)

Rituals of security and containment, performance skills and confidence, miniature theatres and dramatised storytelling.

Enrolment Form

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