A Powerful Means of Expression


Sand Play is such a powerful means of expression. Just look at the monsters in this picture. The sandy beach is the ultimate play-place: playing in the natural environment with the water of the sea and the movement of the tide. How often is a holiday symbolised for children with the idea, lets go to the sea-side! Messy and sensory play, discovery in pools and rocks, building and constructing! A natural world for natural play!

Newspaper Confetti


Many ways to have dry messy play and a sensation of confetti! Torn up newspaper seems to provide endless fun for children and adults. And it is more environmentally friendly - notwithstanding that trees make the paper! The torn paper is then all ready to wet and mix with glue and make papier-mâché. Leave it to soak in water overnight, squeeze surplus water out, mix with glue and you are set to go! An interesting exercise in transformation - From mess to form! Models can then be baked to dry, painted with white glue to seal, and then painted with colours!

The Forest Speaks

We’re delighted to have been sent this video of lovely rehearsal of a poem written by Dr Sue. It will be performed in Under the Kayon Tree on September 9 & 10th at Temple of Fine Arts, Brickfields.

The Forest Speaks

Shh….the forest is talking
Listen and hold your breath
The trees are sharing their ancient wisdom
Hundreds of years old

Shhh….the leaves are rustling
And know the insects pause
In their busy lives, as they tell what has gone before

Before killing machines and lethal cutters, blades that encroach and destroy
the ancient lives
Lives of ancient wisdom
To be heard no more

Sue Jennings